Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you? MRJ Farma prepared a FAQ area where you can solve your questions about our products. Check!

Today MRJ Farma commercializes the following products:

You can find our products in most pharmacies in Brazil.

Unfortunately not, we only sell to pharmacies and medication distributors.

The expiration changes according to the product, check this information on the leaflet or in the product’s page at our website.

You can find the leaflet in PDF to download or to read online on the page of each product commercialized by MRJ Farma.

You can use our "Contact Form" to request more information or solve any doubts about our products.

If you prefer, you can e-mail us on the following address:

You can make a preliminary registration to your pharmacy or distributor using the page Register your Pharmacy.

The registration we receive will pass through an analysis and we can ask for more information and/or needed documents.

We only commercialize our products to resellers or distributors of medications and to those who that have the CNAE 4771-7 or 4644-3.

Never throw a medication directly in the regular trash or in the toilet!

On the Disposal of Medicines page you can check the tips and suggestions of how to do this properly.