Carmo do Cajuru will receive a BioTech Industry after deal celebrated with articulation of the Dona Lindu campus from FUSJ
MRJ Farma can invest R$70 million in the unity, with potential to generate direct jobs up to 90 employees

In the picture, from left to right: Leonardo Faria, Edson Vilela, governor Zema, Junior Ribeiro and Paulo Granjeiro – Photo: ASCOM UFSJ/Disclosure

A biotechnology unit of the company will be installed in Carmo do Cajuru. According to the Federal University of São João del Rei (FUSJ), which has the Dona Lindu campus in Divinópolis, the process of the company’s move to the Midwest region of Minas Gerais occurred through articulation of the institution, through the professor and coordinator of the Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation Nucleus of FUSJ (Netec), Paulo Granjeiro.

"This is an employment opportunity for our graduates, an internship field; and possible partnership agreements for Research, Development, and Innovation (R,D&I). Highlighting those strategic alliances - based on the triple helix concept, between municipal and state governments, business and academia - have arrived to contribute to economic and social development," commented the professor.

MRJ Farma has as its flagship the pediatric drug Colic Calm and will develop a pipeline of new products, to be sold in Brazil and abroad. The forecast, according to UFSJ, is that the investment in the biotechnology unit will be around R$70 million, with the potential to generate direct jobs for up to 90 employees.

Installation Celebration

A meeting took place at the end of September in the Administrative City of Belo Horizonte when the installation of the biotechnology unit of the company MRJ Farma in the city of Carmo do Cajuru was celebrated.

According to FUSJ, the installation of a pharmaceutical company in one of the areas covered by FUSJ is in synergy with the objectives of the Innovation Policy and with the Legal Framework of Science, Technology, and Innovation. “I have no doubt how much this add to the education of students, technicians and teachers as FUSJ,” said the coordinator.


Attended to the meeting, besides Professor Paulo Granjeiro, the governor of Minas Gerais Romeu Zema; the mayor of Carmo do Cajuru, Edson Vilela; the MRJ Farma entrepreneur, Junior Ribeiro; and the builder Leonardo Faria. At the negotiation table were the State Secretary of Economic Development, Fernando Passalio, Federal deputy Domingos Sávio, and state deputy Gustavo Mitre.

Source: G1

Publicada em: 11/10/2021