Communion established in Impacto Sertão Livre

Communion transforms lives in country area.

This year we only had one edition of Impacto Sertão Livre, it occurred in January, in a city called Paulistana – PI. We could see results of everything we lived on these 10 days of event.

Communion is one of our most important values because we are able to have special people beside us that make our days happier, positive and full of memorable moments. This is the essence of Impacto Sertão Livre: have lovely people near you sharing experiences that only Impacto can provide.

At Christmas, we are able to gather with good people to disfruit of good moments and share histories, experiences and smiles. That is why we want to enjoy this mood of union, charity and sharing to remember everything we lived in a such special project like this.

Did you participate of Impacto Sertão Livre Paulistana?

On this last edition we had the participation of 370 yellow ones of 23 Brazilian states and other countries too. We had participants from Mexico, Argentina and Portugal! Can you believe in this?

All these people helped us to reach 14,885 lives with the project. Among them, were 2,621 kids that had fun, learn about values, socio-affective behaviors which generates healthy relationships and collaborates to build a better future.

Young people and teenagers were involved too, we realized 12 meetings to talk about things that involves their social contexts and other matters approached by professional volunteers in the discussed areas.

We could even offer 3 professionalizing training on stores assistants, administrative assistants and entrepreneurship and innovation with the participation of almost 300 residents of the city.

Happened Creative Workshops of handcraft to make cloth dolls. These workshops were offered by the volunteers Rogéria Alvim, from Boneca da Vida project and by Rita, lawyer and artisan. They taught 40 women. Rogéria says she left there marked by the experience of sharing her acknowledge and talent to those women.

With our "yellow ones" from the health sector and with the support of the local health institutions, we were able to do 9,354 health appointments, 250 exams (electrocardiograms, spirometry and ultrasound), not only this, but also 3,078 prescriptions for medicines, all of then donated by MRJ Farma!

Get in touch deeply with the reality of these people is part of our manner of acting, we like to visit houses and talk with the residents, those are moments of knowledge, welcoming, and of course, extreme communion. We could reach 1,777 houses in 12 communities and villages which left their marks on our hearts.

All these moments mark our memory with good memories, but also goes further than this.

We live in a society that unfortunately is full of superficial relationships, so when we find people that really cares about what we are doing and living, and also are beside us in good and bad moments, we do everything to give this love back to them.

Every hug we give, every smile we receive, nurtures love in everybody involved in the project and are able to make people cross the ocean to work with us.

Together we battle to the success on these poor country areas!

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Source: Instituto Livres (João Paulo Freitas)

Publicada em: 23/12/2020