Ratinho visits Conde Group and establishes partnership to the launch of Colic Calm

The TV Host was welcomed by the executive-president Mário Luís de Almeida Muniz and Manoel Conde Neto, president of the deliberative council of Conde Group.

At the meeting agenda was settled the details of the national launch of Colic Calm, homeopathic medicine used on the treatment of babies' colic and stomach discomfort.

Best-seller in United States, the medicine will be fabricated in Brazil by MRJ Farma, laboratory from Paraná and will have Ratinho as brand´s ambassador and promoter in Brazil.

According to the CEO of MRJ Farma, Junior Ribeiro, that was also at the meeting, the possibility to count with Colic Calm on the Conde’s Group salespoints will be fundamental to consolidate the product in the market.

“The union of Ratinho’s credibility and the sales on more than 190 stores of Farma Conde distributed on the Country guarantee good perspectives to the Colic Calm launch and consolidation in the market.”, said Junior Ribeiro.

The national launch is expected to this month with the guaranteed presence in all unities of Farma Conde distributed in São Paulo. The expectation to the best-seller in United States, reaches in Brazil sales between 60 and 100 thousand unities per month.

The Product

More than 20 years in US market, the Colic Calm formula is composed exclusively by natural ingredients like: aloe, chamomile, fennel, caraway, ginger, peppermint, lemon balm, blackthorn and charcoal.

Listed and authorized to commercialization by FDA in USA and by Anvisa, in Brazil, the medication is recommended by mostly American pediatricians because have a quick and safe action, providing instantaneous relief on colic's symptoms, gas, and stomachaches. The medication is free from sugar, sodium bicarbonate, gluten, soy and from products of animal origin.

Source: Farma Conde

Publicada em: 25/09/2019